Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 3

Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 3 PROTEIN: The average man breaks down and synthesizes about 400 gms protein each day. Fortunately, we recycle much of it, however, much needs to be replaced on a daily basis. The main function of protein after adolescence is to repair wounds, replace and maintain body tissues such as muscles, … Read more

Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 2

Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 2 DEHYDRATION: As little as 2% dehydration results in 50% reduced performance. This was a study recently completed on military pilots. 2% drop in body water triggers fuzzy, short-term memory, trouble with basic math, difficulty with focusing on small fonts or even the computer screen. Even mild dehydration will slow … Read more

Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 1

Nutritional Effects on Performance Whether you are performing in a sports competition, on the road in a car, at your desk at work or at home with your family, what you consume makes a difference. Food and drink will either help your performance or hinder it.   HYPOGLYCEMIA SIGNS & SYMPTOMS: Symptoms associated with hypoglycemia … Read more

Good Food

Preparing and consuming food should be more than just a simple daily task. Food is about fueling the physical self, stimulating the senses, and nourishing nutritional needs. When you choose healthy, all-natural foods designed to flex when you do, comfort cravings that creep in, and provide wholesome nourishment, you fuel your whole person. When you … Read more

Can Too Much Exercise Be Harmful?

NO PAIN! NO GAIN! You most likely have heard this phrase while trying to improve your athletic performance. This mantra is not essential if you want to be healthy. Moderate exercise is not only easier on maintaining good health but is much more sensible time-wise.   You’ll find every side to any belief and whether … Read more