Headaches and Migraines

  As with all of the many symptoms a person can have, headaches are the body’s way of alerting the person to the fact that something is wrong. I was stunned the first time someone said to me “yes, I get normal headaches”! There is no such thing as a “normal headache”. I like many … Read more

WHY You Gain Weight

Obesity has become a major player in the deterioration our health. We put a lot of concentration on losing weight, but few of us address the reason WHY the weight was gained in the first place. Yes, portion control and what you eat is important. However, these are not the only reasons people gain weight. … Read more

Being a Chiropractor in Greenville NC

Being a chiropractor in Greenville, or anywhere else you MUST be committed to chiropractic. The running joke about chiropractors is that we, chose chiropractic because it is the “easy” way to be a doctor. HA! I won’t deny that getting into chiropractic school is likely easier that medical school but many MDs, as have many … Read more

Scoliosis Treatment

Founded in 2010, the original intent of Corrective Chiropractic of Greenville NC was to provide advanced professional chiropractic care to primarily scoliosis patients. Dr. Wickstrom soon found that if you could make significant structural changes on scoliosis patients then all of Greenville and Eastern North Carolina would benefit on all aspects.  Our vision expanded and … Read more


ASPARTAME (Nutrisweet™, equal™, spoonfuls™) Memory Loss Migraines and other Headaches Anxiety Blurred Vision Blindness Dizziness Seizures Tinnitis Hearing Loss Muscle Spasms Numbness Heart Palpitations Breathing Issues Insomnia Fatigue Nausea Loss of Taste Pituitary Tumors Severe Rashes Memory Loss is the single greatest complaint from side effects of artificial sweeteners. Close behind is Headaches and Migraines. … Read more

High Blood Pressure Disease or Warning Sign?

High blood pressure (BP) is not a disease. The body is compensating for something that is not working correctly like a protective mechanism. An “oil light” for when our body needs help. When you approach your medical doctor the first thing they usually do is prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure. Only the meds … Read more

Stress At This Time of Year

It’s that time of year when our lives are filled with holiday family, fun, food, and stress. But what is stress to you? Stress is defined quite differently depending on the source. A combination of sources giving us a better idea of what stress is all about: stress is “the depletion of available resources in … Read more


If you’re having a difficult time sleeping, you are not alone. There is an estimated 80 million Americans who suffer from insomnia. Your life can be affected in every aspect from your job, health, relationships to your competency behind the wheel of a car. Several data sources approximate that more than 100,000 motor-vehicle crashes are … Read more