Lose Weight in Greenville NC

It is an exciting time to be living in Greenville, NC. This area has had an amazing overhaul on the health and nutrition of what people are eating.
I moved to Greenville, NC in September of 2009. During the housing market crisis and another economic depression. Greenville had nothing in terms of healthy eating. The restaurants still allowed indoor smoking sections and organic groceries were not easily accessible.
That market store off of Memorial Drive didn’t offer many different options than that of a fancy candy store. There is less in there in terms of ‘fresh’ and for way more than it is worth. Most of the grocery stores had maybe one to two options for organic and if you wanted something gluten free or vegetarian (much less vegan), forget it.
There was a good year of just buying groceries from amazon.com and other online health food retailers. I absolutely love supporting local but when the city of Greenville doesn’t encourage small business growth then that leaves little to for the area to support. The options that were here when we arrived were fighting to stay alive because of the ‘meat and potatoes’ lifestyle.
Seven years later we now have healthier fast food options (Chipotle, Muscle Maker Grill and more!). Juice and health food markets that are entirely devoted to encouraging everyone to eat healthily and make better choices. There are more and more businesses flying into Greenville and when you have more jobs and more people moving to the area that allows for more options to the people here.

I am encouraged that as a city the people are waking up and paying attention, seeking alternative ways, making changes, and supporting the growth and success of the natural approach. Don’t get me wrong Greenville is still severely obese but the Greenway downtown is expanding. There are more 5k events and this year there was an extremely well put together cycling event.
Which is why it is becoming easier to lose weight naturally and without those chemically laden weight loss pills. The reward and benefits of weight loss without diet pills is not having a permanent elastic waistline or the myriad of different side effects (link). When you lose weight fast with diet pills and not slowly and deliberately by changing your lifestyle you will just gain the weight right back.
There is a great number of individuals that cannot seem to lose weight even though they’ve changed their diet. They may have thyroid issues or may need a jump start to their digestive system. (I read some article on how a fast or eating just raw veggies helps the body lose weight faster.) Some people don’t have time to spend picking out the best meal plan or items. That’s why Corrective Chiropractic of Greenville, NC recommends Standard Process’s 21 Day Purification™.
I know you don’t want to get your hopes up for this being a cure-all or this will change your life. What’s nice is that this 21 Day Purification has so many reviews online and testimonies and there is no special formula. It’s you making a lifestyle change with a little extra boost of whole food supplements from Standard Process™.
Without spending the rest of this post giving you a run down of ingredients and how Standard Process™ manufactures their product I will just ask you CLICK HERE to learn more.


It’s exciting that I am allowed to see that change and to vote with my dollar on the businesses that are making a change in Greenville, NC. I highly recommend spending your dollar towards those businesses that are local and putting back into not only our community but healthier choices.
It makes other local businesses that want to compete better for you. With more gluten free, organic, natural options so that you can make easier choices when life becomes busy.
I hope you will consider trying Standard Process 21 Day Purification to lose weight and change your life.

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