Scoliosis Treatment

Founded in 2010, the original intent of Corrective Chiropractic of Greenville NC was to provide advanced professional chiropractic care to primarily scoliosis patients. Dr. Wickstrom soon found that if you could make significant structural changes on scoliosis patients then all of Greenville and Eastern North Carolina would benefit on all aspects.  Our vision expanded and today, we address the most challenging aspects of treatment that chiropractors are likely to encounter in their day-to-day practice; cases such as whiplash associated injuries and soft tissue injuries, as well as the most challenging spinal condition of all: scoliosis.

Our specialty, however, is not limited merely to the treatment of scoliosis.  Corrective Chiropractic works closely with a variety of other patients and doctors to provide assistance in patient education, case management, insurance billing & coding, x-ray analysis, spinal rehabilitation exercises, and functional testing.

Precision X-Rays

How an x-ray is taken affects how the bones appear on the film.  If the person being x-rayed is turned even slightly to one side, the position of the bones appears to be very different than if they were facing straight ahead.  Precision x-ray analysis refers to a system designed to remove all traces of subjectivity from x-ray analysis, so pre and post x-rays can be compared with scientific accuracy.  Not every chiropractor takes precision x-rays, and rarely do they follow up with comparative x-rays.  But without them, a chiropractor has no way of determining if the treatment plan is effective.  It is illogical to allow someone to adjust your spine unless they know exactly where they are moving it to!

Spinal Exercises

 Because muscles attach to every bone in your body, it is absolutely necessary that we balance out the strength of the inner core muscles of the body to maintain the spinal correction.  The only way to strengthen the core muscles is through isometric exercise.  Isometric means, “without motion,” and is the opposite of isotonic exercise, which is done with motion (lifting weights, for example).

Isometric exercise is performed against resistance, and held for a short period of time.  Because weak muscles will fatigue and recruit stronger muscle groups during isometric exercise, it is important that you take your exercises very seriously.  Doing an exercise half-heartedly can be worse than doing no exercise at all!

To achieve maximum benefit from your exercises, pay close attention to the assistant as he or she demonstrates them for you, and be sure to ask questions if you are unsure about how to do an exercise.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Practitioners of different chiropractic techniques each have their own unique methods of adjusting the bones of the spine back into place.  CLEAR Institute has clinically researched and evaluated many different techniques, selectively incorporating only the quickest & most effective methods to restore your optimum spinal health.

Misaligned vertebrae in the neck can impair your body’s ability to relate to gravity, and lead to hip & gait problems.  Scoliosis is a rotation and compression of the spinal column; the body has added another curve to brace itself against gravity.  By adjusting your neck and low back, we put curves back into the spine that will improve how it relates to gravity, and reduce the body’s dependence on the scoliotic curve.

Once normal posture & function have been restored, the scoliosis will begin to de-rotate and come back into place with the aid of specific spinal exercises.

Never give up!

 Scoliosis treatment is an endeavor that should not be undertaken lightly.  Do not expect miracles to happen overnight!  Although the chiropractor can correct the position of the bones very rapidly, it takes up to 12 weeks to rehabilitate the postural muscles, and the chiropractor cannot do your exercises for you!

In an untreated scoliosis, the ligaments that hold the vertebrae in place are very tightly coiled.  The first key to reducing a scoliosis is to relax the tissues that are holding the scoliosis in place.

However, this also means that if you stop doing your exercises halfway through treatment and do not keep your appointments, the scoliosis will worsen more rapidly than before.  Never give up!

With persistence & determination, your scoliosis can be permanently corrected, adding years to your life, and life to your years.


For more information follow up with Corrective Chiropractic Chiropractor Bret Wickstrom in Greenville NC. 252-758-7583

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