Being a Chiropractor in Greenville NC

Being a chiropractor in Greenville, or anywhere else you MUST be committed to chiropractic. The running joke about chiropractors is that we, chose chiropractic because it is the “easy” way to be a doctor. HA! I won’t deny that getting into chiropractic school is likely easier that medical school but many MDs, as have many chiropractors, would never make it as a chiropractor.

The reality of this profession is that you have to be much more than a doctor of chiropractic. You have to be relentless with a purpose to be able to support yourself practicing chiropractic.  Greenville, NC is not an easy place for this profession. There are very few chiropractors practicing in Greenville compared to many other healthcare professions and those of us that are hear are not often looked on in a positive light because of the overwhelming medical culture in the area. That’s okay though because as a chiropractor you have to have very thick skin. Day after day I see amazing improvements in the lives of my patients that transcend beyond just removing neck pain and back pain. I often see the hardest cases often deemed “lost causes”. Most of the patients a chiropractor, especially a structurally focused chiropractor, sees have all but given up.  They’ve seen numerous MDs and specialists, take tons of prescription and over the counter drugs and often have even undergone surgery.

Even worse is when other chiropractors can’t or won’t help a patient that even. Recently this happened with an 80 year old female patient of mine who had seen dozens of MDs and other chiropractors that refused to even touch her during an exam or treatment.  They, as many do, just assumed she was beyond help because she was “old” and has some significant spinal damage and degeneration from an old injury.  This is not uncommon to see when the chiropractor is a traditional chiropractor whose treatment adheres to limited options and don’t address the underlying structural abnormalities.

As a young person looking into this profession you have a great deal of passion for helping these types of patients but you also have to be willing to set your prices accordingly.  Chiropractors are often our own worst enemy and will often put themselves out of business by devaluing their services to “help” people.  This mentality lends itself to the all so common ultra-discounted spinal screening coupon or deal that gives you access to an exam, x-ray(s) and adjustment the low price of taking a dump on chiropractic.

This is where we really need to take a cue from our medical counter parts.  Cheap or inexpensive is not how you would describe medical care, nor should you. The same should go for chiropractic.  I’m just as guilty of this as most other chiropractors but I was fortunate enough to have someone help me get my head out of the clouds. Chiropractors typically fall into three categories.

  1. The bleed heart chiropractor who will bleed himself/herself dry trying to help the world. They know how amazing chiropractic is and because of their love for their patients they give everything and take nothing.  This is where many chiropractors struggle and die because many of us got in to chiropractic instead of medicine, not because it was easy, but because it is a better option to become healthy and in their desperate attempt to educate a world often willing ignorant of the benefits of chiropractic, they martyr themselves and struggle for a long time make peanuts compared to the actual value of what they do.
  2. Turn and burn or ambulance chaser chiropractors. Just like in any profession there are chiropractors that want to make money at the cost of quality care. This doesn’t mean that you can see patients quickly or treat patients in car accidents without being a bad chiropractor. NOT TRUE! However, many chiropractors that see high volume or do only personal injury do this will for financial reasons at the cost of the patients. A good chiropractor is one that is willing and able to change and adjust your treatment plan as needed. But you should be willing to pay for it.
  3. The IDEAL chiropractors are, in my opinion those who are willing to value their services and treat patients the way they would want to be treated. I personally think that being structurally focused is essential but if that’s how you think patient should be treated then that is your prerogative if you are the doctor. As long as you are able to clearly describe what you do and how it is different and put a price on it that doesn’t make you look like a carnival barker you can be able to help patients and be financial successful because after all you’re a doctor.

Certainly there are many areas of gray within these three chiropractors but for the most part this is what you see.

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