An Energy Crisis

An Energy Crisis

The society we are living in is in an energy crisis of a different kind. It’s not electrical energy or petrochemical energy, but it is fuel. The body’s fuel. As with energy crisis’ of all forms – whether global or in your body, the cause is the same. We run out of resources. Our bodies run out of resources for the same reasons as well. We continually use them up, without replacing them at least to the proportions we utilize them. As with our global resources, the body’s resources have to be replenished. There is no form of energy that is infinite. When we run out of resources, typically, we will turn to quick solutions. These quick solutions, although they work well at the time, do nothing to restore our resources, our reserves, and eventually add to the problem than the solution.

We consume more than the recommended allowance of coffee or energy drinks to attempt to give us a lift. Initially, they work– we get that added lift. It wakes us up, makes our brains clearer (so we think – research shows that to be a false illusion), and we feel like we have more energy to go about our day. But eventually, that no longer works. Then what were two cups of coffee turns into a pot of coffee? We get stronger coffee drinks or add more energy drinks or sodas to our day. The problem seems solved. These drinks that amp you up, interfere with proper function and over time actually make you more tired. Then there is an inevitable crash either just mentally or physically or both.

Much of the time fatigue is labeled as depression and anti-depressants are prescribed. On the surface that seems to help, however, the energy resources are all the while becoming more and more depleted.

I find that a big way that people cope with energy loss is sugar. Sugars such as candy, cookies, ice cream, gelatin desserts, puddings, pies, etc. are some of the more popular items. Most people today say they try to avoid these sugars, but try as we may, they still find their way into our diet as we try to amp the energy up. Other forms of sugar include a high carbohydrate diet or eating snack foods frequently. They may seem on the surface to be healthier, but they too add up. They are quick fuel for the cells. A way of looking at this would be like building a fire. To build a fire, you need kindling. It assists in building a fire quickly. Then to sustain the fire, you add a large log. The larger the log, the bigger and longer lasting the fire becomes. Sugar or carbs are the kindling that gets the fire started. Protein and good fats are the logs. If you want good, sustainable energy, you need protein and some healthy fats. That means you have to eat a decent meal. Cells need an energy source to burn the mitochondria (the power plants in the cells). Carbohydrates are the fuel that is needed. However, we need it in the proper proportions.

Alcohol is another way people add fuel to the fire as a means of coping with poor energy. Although, alcohol makes them feel better, alcohol is gasoline poured on the fire! A fast, hot burn that doesn’t last, but leaves them feeling like they need more. It is one of the causes of alcoholism. It is an imbalance in the blood sugar in the cells.

Many times this energy crisis requires even worse measures than sugar to get a lift. As we feel more and more exhausted, we use other means to help us feel alive. We use the above methods (sugar and caffeine) to give us an adrenaline lift, or we use another method used to give us this adrenaline lift – a thrill. We watch thrilling movies with high drama and intense scenes, we ride on thrill rides like rollercoaster’s and worse, in order to cause this adrenaline rush. It helps us feel alive and energized, even if that’s not the conscious thought behind it. When our adrenals become too weak, this adrenaline rush is too much and those people avoid those activities.

What can we do to turn our energy around? Heal the body. Eat wholesome natural foods from the land (not from a box), that will help restore some vitality to the cells. If we continue to eat dead foods, we can’t expect the body to make healthy alive cells. Death begets death, life begets life. It is natures way. If we flood the body with overly stimulating foods and drinks we will over-stimulate the body to exhaustion. What goes up, must come down. It’s the law of nature. If you want the body to support you, energy wise and health wise, you have to support it. You have to give it what it needs. If you need help doing this, seek the services of a professional trained in working with nature to restore your energy resources. Drugs won’t do it. Action will. Take action today to restore your health, and have the energy you need to do the fun things in life, as well as the necessary day-to-day tasks.

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