High Blood Pressure Disease or Warning Sign?

High blood pressure (BP) is not a disease. The body is compensating for something that is not working correctly like a protective mechanism. An “oil light” for when our body needs help. When you approach your medical doctor the first thing they usually do is prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure. Only the meds … Read more

Stress At This Time of Year

It’s that time of year when our lives are filled with holiday family, fun, food, and stress. But what is stress to you? Stress is defined quite differently depending on the source. A combination of sources giving us a better idea of what stress is all about: stress is “the depletion of available resources in … Read more


If you’re having a difficult time sleeping, you are not alone. There is an estimated 80 million Americans who suffer from insomnia. Your life can be affected in every aspect from your job, health, relationships to your competency behind the wheel of a car. Several data sources approximate that more than 100,000 motor-vehicle crashes are … Read more