Ditch processed foods

Ditch Processed Foods Today! It is no surprise that Americans spend 90% of their hard earned cash on processed foods meaning there is room for improvement in this area for a majority of us. This list is to help guide you to some quick changes or alternatives to help jump start your daily choices.   … Read more

Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 3

Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 3 PROTEIN: The average man breaks down and synthesizes about 400 gms protein each day. Fortunately, we recycle much of it, however, much needs to be replaced on a daily basis. The main function of protein after adolescence is to repair wounds, replace and maintain body tissues such as muscles, … Read more

Nutritional Effects on Performance Part 1

Nutritional Effects on Performance Whether you are performing in a sports competition, on the road in a car, at your desk at work or at home with your family, what you consume makes a difference. Food and drink will either help your performance or hinder it.   HYPOGLYCEMIA SIGNS & SYMPTOMS: Symptoms associated with hypoglycemia … Read more

An Energy Crisis

An Energy Crisis The society we are living in is in an energy crisis of a different kind. It’s not electrical energy or petrochemical energy, but it is fuel. The body’s fuel. As with energy crisis’ of all forms – whether global or in your body, the cause is the same. We run out of … Read more

Making informed decisions

  Why I like Netflix™, Amazon Prime™, HBO NOW™ and another instant online television series is because we are less and less influenced by commercials. The never ending list of fast food commercials, truck or car dealerships, or pharmaceutical propaganda, encouraging the viewer to buy, buy, buy. They’re all the same with images of joyful, … Read more


The digestive system is the root of health. If your digestive system is not digesting then, it’s obvious it will not digest the nutrients that are needed for the body to function. This is why you hear most natural and well-oriented practitioners say that you are only as healthy as your digestive system is. Without … Read more

WHY You Gain Weight

Obesity has become a major player in the deterioration our health. We put a lot of concentration on losing weight, but few of us address the reason WHY the weight was gained in the first place. Yes, portion control and what you eat is important. However, these are not the only reasons people gain weight. … Read more

Being a Chiropractor in Greenville NC

Being a chiropractor in Greenville, or anywhere else you MUST be committed to chiropractic. The running joke about chiropractors is that we, chose chiropractic because it is the “easy” way to be a doctor. HA! I won’t deny that getting into chiropractic school is likely easier that medical school but many MDs, as have many … Read more

Scoliosis Treatment

Founded in 2010, the original intent of Corrective Chiropractic of Greenville NC was to provide advanced professional chiropractic care to primarily scoliosis patients. Dr. Wickstrom soon found that if you could make significant structural changes on scoliosis patients then all of Greenville and Eastern North Carolina would benefit on all aspects.  Our vision expanded and … Read more