Dr Bret Wickstrom is a family oriented chiropractor specializing in corrective care, nutrition and wellness for people of all ages.  He is dedicated to treating everyone who wants to optimize their life. Dr. Wickstrom’s desire is for all he encounters to go beyond just getting out of pain. He treats his patients with the care they need to function for optimal health instead of insurance based care.

Dr Bret Wickstrom is revolutionizing the way health care is provided in Greenville, NC. The medical standard, especially in Eastern North Carolina, is pain and symptom based. The community in many ways is coming to realize that antibiotics, prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and expensive surgeries fail to correct the cause of the pain and never improve the body’s ability to function. If you are looking for a true holistic healthcare chiropractor then you should schedule with Dr. Bret Wickstrom today.

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