An Energy Crisis

An Energy Crisis The society we are living in is in an energy crisis of a different kind. It’s not electrical energy or petrochemical energy, but it is fuel. The body’s fuel. As with energy crisis’ of all forms – whether global or in your body, the cause is the same. We run out of … Read more

Making informed decisions

  Why I like Netflix™, Amazon Prime™, HBO NOW™ and another instant online television series is because we are less and less influenced by commercials. The never ending list of fast food commercials, truck or car dealerships, or pharmaceutical propaganda, encouraging the viewer to buy, buy, buy. They’re all the same with images of joyful, … Read more


The digestive system is the root of health. If your digestive system is not digesting then, it’s obvious it will not digest the nutrients that are needed for the body to function. This is why you hear most natural and well-oriented practitioners say that you are only as healthy as your digestive system is. Without … Read more

Headaches and Migraines

  As with all of the many symptoms a person can have, headaches are the body’s way of alerting the person to the fact that something is wrong. I was stunned the first time someone said to me “yes, I get normal headaches”! There is no such thing as a “normal headache”. I like many … Read more